Around Here (with Beast + Babe)

I love summer in Lake Tahoe. It means jumping in the cold water everyday, squeezing in hikes after work, buying fresh produce at the farmers market, and steeping sun tea on the deck.

And gardening, of course. This year I planted heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and asparagus. I went to a gardening workshop a couple of weeks ago that focused solely on planting asparagus in the Sierra Nevada. I was pretty much the only one under the age of 70, but that was totally cool with me. Those are my peeps.


In other news, two articles I wrote just came out in the summer edition of Tahoe Magazine. If you feel so inclined, you can check them out here. One is about the trip Charlie and I took to the wine country in the Sierra Foothills, and the other is on the best places to snorkel in Lake Tahoe.

I’ve been hiking at least two or three times a week, which makes me really happy. There’s still snow on some of the higher elevation trails after the record-breaking winter we had here — some of the ski resorts tallied over 600 inches of snow — but it doesn’t bother me. Plus, Daisy loves it. She rolls her whole body around in the snow before taking a big bite of it.

She’s been rocking her new Beast + Babe collar, which deserves a mention because I love spreading the word on small companies run by badass women. Kelsie Macray, inspired by her rescue pup Yogi, crafts awesome collars, leashes and beds out of textiles she sources from around the world. She creates them in her California studio, and a portion of each sale goes towards the nonprofit Peace Animals, which works to spay and neuter homeless and neglected dogs and cats in Mexico. The products are cute, but sturdy, and Daisy’s Coastline Collar has been standing up to all the dirt and water we’ve encountered on the trails.

Speaking on which, it's time to swap the screen for some epic views. The mountains are calling.