Lake Tahoe + Spiked Basil Lemonade (with Tito's Handmade Vodka)

Sometimes after a long week at work, the prospect of staying closer to home is quite appealing. So this weekend instead of hoping in the car for a few hours of driving, I decided to indulge in a bit of a staycation.

On Sunday as temperatures peaked into the 90’s, Daisy and I walked down to our favorite cove for some swimming and lounging on the rocks.

I don’t know what it is about swimming in freezing cold water, but it energizes me more than any cup of coffee. Right now Tahoe is warmer than it’s ever been (which is actually bad news for the crystal clear waters), but even at its warmest the average surface temperature is only 53.3 degrees. This summer it’s been my goal to swim in every lake I come across, so Tahoe actually feels quite warm compared to some of the alpine lakes high in the Sierras that still have patches of snow around them.

Out on the rocks I whipped up a simple Spiked Basil Lemonade before heading out for a spin on the kayak. It was just the sort of relaxing Sunday that puts me in a good mood for the week ahead.

Spiked Basil Lemonade

Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Fresh basil leaves

Only three ingredients and no fancy cocktail utensils necessary! To start, add a healthy pour of Tito’s to your cup, then fill the rest of your cup with lemonade. Next, grab a large basil leaf, hold it in your palm, then slap it with your other hand. This wakes up the flavor of the herb. Add the basil to your drink and enjoy!


Dogs on the Road Tip #2

Whether you’re into kayaking, SUPing, boating, or just swimming around, it’s always more fun if your dog is along for the ride. I love taking Daisy out on the kayak and SUP with me, but I am also very aware of the complications that can arise when you bring canines on watercrafts. Daisy isn’t the strongest swimmer, so whenever I take her out in deeper water I make sure she has a life vest on, but even if your dog is a strong swimmer, a life vest could save his or her life if something happened to your craft when you’re far from land. Personally, the handle on Daisy’s life vest have been a huge help when she’s accidentally fallen off the SUP. It makes dragging her back on so much easier.