Foggy California Coast

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the weekend back in the Bay Area with friends. One of the days we headed out to Half Moon Bay for beach time at Mavericks and a walk along some trails on the upper cliffs of the coastline. It was a typical foggy NorCal summer day. We got to see three humpback whales surfacing in a feeding frenzy while birds of all sizes flocked above the water. You could tell where the whales were about to surface because the birds would swarm in one area just as the whales pushed schools of fish to the surface.

That same weekend I also got to meet Nic (plus Jack and Keeper!) of Wildlandia. Nic and I been pen pals for almost two years now, but with me all the way in Red Lake, it never worked to get together. I think both of us were pretty nervous about it being awkward or weird ('cuz let's be honest, we both can be a little of both of those), but it was the exact opposite. I once read something about how friendships that start of the Internet are often so successful because you connect over shared interests and passions, not just proximity. We had a really great time hiking with the dogs in the Berkeley hills. We got to witness some goat grazing program they have going on there, and fawn over the border collies there to herd the goats (and get peed on by a little puppy in my case). 

Next weekend I'll be back in the Bay Area for the Alabama Shakes concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley with Nic and my other friend Nicole. It's so nice having my favorite people just a few hours away instead of 35.

Happy Sunday!