Sleeping Giant

On a peninsula surrounded by Lake Superior in northern Ontario lies a Sleeping Giant. An Ojibway legend identifies him as Nanabijou, the spirit of the Deep Sea Water, who was turned to stone when the secret location of a nearby silver mine was disclosed to white men. This past weekend we drove six hour south to climb to the top of the Giant, which sits 750 feet above the largest freshwater lake in the world (by surface area). 

Lake Superior is gorgeous. The teal water stretches as far as the eye can see, and in certain directions, it looks as though you're staring at the edge of the earth. The hike to the top of the giant and back down again was 18 miles, but it wasn't until the last five miles that we really started to feel worn down. I love watching Daisy on long hikes like this. She is in her element, alternating between trotting along the trails and laying down in streams to cool off. Normally when we camp I wake up and see her sitting up alertly, guarding the tent, but after that trek she was sawing logs just as loudly as Charlie. 

Our campsite was located on the edge of a large lake on the peninsula. Both nights we watched the sun set over the water while sipping whiskey out of mugs and skipping rocks. There is a fire ban across most of Ontario because of the dry conditions, so in the evenings we made due with lanterns and candles as we sat around the picnic table playing cards and settling Catan. On our drive back home we saw a wolf standing at the side of the road with a rabbit dangling from its mouth. All in all, it was a pretty idyllic, relaxing weekend.