We're headed to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park tomorrow for a long weekend of hiking and camping. It's a 7-hour drive, but totally worth it for us elevation lovers who've had a hard time adjusting to how flat northern Ontario is. I love preparing for a camping trip; dusting off all the gear in the garage, making a giant batch of chilli to reheat over the fire, and packing watercolours and books to immerse myself in after we come back sore and content from summiting the Giant. Daisy knows something is up, so she's been following me even more closely than normal with a nervous look in her eyes. I put a bandana on her this morning which is our signal for "Yes, you're coming." She still is velcroed to my side, but I can tell she's calmer. I just have to put my second-to-last newspaper edition to bed tomorrow and we're off! Until then, here's a little bit of what's been going on lately. 

1. Walks at Sandy Point // 2. Gulls everywhere. Daisy loves clearing these from the grassy lot behind our house. // 3. Naps. Lots of naps.  // 4. It's that time of year when we wake up to the sound of planes taking off and landing in Howey Bay. // 5. Backyard visitors // 6. Reading about the types of people who first decided to move out West.