1. Daisy getting special cuddles on the bed because she's been sharing her house with lots of dogs lately. We had 5 for a couple of days, now just 3. I always thought, "The more dogs the better!" False. It got stressful. // 2. + 7. We went to a concert this past weekend with three local bands playing everything from mosh pit music (I think I went slightly deaf) to bluesy rock (much more my style). // 3. On our way to Kenora two weekends ago we spotted four moose along the highway. I of course made us stop every time so I could try and get a good picture. // 4. + 10. The two Great Pyrenees mixes who stayed with us for a couple of days. Biggest dogs I've ever been around. // 5. The ice is beginning to recede. Spring is trying its hardest to emerge.  6. A rainy drive back from Kenora catching up on This American Life and Serial. 8. A beautiful sunset over the frozen lake. 9. Enjoying beer at the only brewery in northwestern Ontario on a sunny afternoon. The brewery is in a converted fire station and has delicious food like a Shore Lunch BLT made with beer-battered walleye.