It's been a while. About a month and a half. I allowed myself a bit of a break from writing about life to focus on reporting for the Tahoe Tribune. Just like with other writing jobs I've had, it takes time to find a balance between writing for pay and writing for pleasure in my free time. 

It is officially fall in Tahoe, and though these pictures make me miss the summer weather, I can say with absolute certainty that I took advantage of every bit of it. Every moment spent out hiking with Daisy or in the Bay Area visiting friends or jumping into alpine lakes or just driving through the mountains from point A to point B has been a special experience for me. The kind where I think to myself, "Yes, this is exactly where I'm supposed to be." 

In short, I'm happy.

Soon enough Charlie will be back here for good, too.

For now, I'll ease back in with this short post, but more to come.