Around Here

Amidst the chaos of layoffs and the limbo that comes with unemployment, here are a few good things going on. 1) Sunset walks along the water with Daisy and my camera will always be my favorite. 2) Drinks around the fire pit with friends. 3) I've thrown myself into projects lately that I've been meaning to get done for awhile now, like the Big Dipper + North Star I painted on our shed. 4) Warmer temperatures and apple-bearing trees are welcome signs that summer is still holding on. 5) Old buildings around Red Lake are always a reminder to find beauty in the unexpected. 6) Evening swims and slacklining with a view. 7) This dog. She picks up on my stress-level so easily and for her sake (and ultimately my sake) I remember to snap out of it. Things will work out; they always do.