This and That

I spent a lot of the weekend sitting on our neighborhood docks with Daisy watching the planes take off and alight in Howey Bay. I busted my long lens out to capture photos of them to accompany my article, which if you care to read, is here.  

I love the view from the docks of the two islands, one of which is on the market for $150,000. There have been some late night talks between friends about how cool it would be to pool our money and buy the island. My imagination runs wild with thoughts of building an epic treehouse, while the engineers of the group nerd out about transporting solar panels on a barge.

Our own little homestead is coming along nicely. I tilled and seeded our yard out in the rain. Our neighbour thought it was pretty funny when he came home and saw me soaked and happily dispersing seed. It took three of us an entire afternoon to build sturdy garden beds a few weeks ago, but this guy built an entire shed by himself with a cigarette dangling ever so slightly from his lip...even while operating the power saw.

Lilac bushes are blooming all over town and mixing with the smokey smell from the forest fires going on in western Canada. The hazy air has made for some pretty spectacular sunsets, if we happen to be awake past 9:30 p.m. Everything is lush and green at last.

Now, here are a few things that have piqued my interest lately.

1. If you haven't followed along as Foster Hunting and friends built an incredible treehouse in the Colombia River Gorge, then you can catch up with this video he recently put up on his blog.

2. These geometric paintings of diamonds are amazing.

3. Funny opinion piece in NYT on "I can't even."

4. Chris Burkard takes incredible photos while he travels and surfs around the world. Though I love seeing his work pop up in my Instagram feed, it can only truly be appreciated on a bigger screen

5. If you love fine food, then you should definitely check out Netflix's new series Chef's Table. I especially love the one about chef Francis Mallmann who lives on his own island in Patagonia and prefers cooking over an open flame.