DIGS + DOG + DUDS: Can't Adult

There are some days (ok, many days) I wish I was back in college when if I really wanted to, I could skip class for the day, forgo all responsibilities, and do whatever the hell I wanted. I'm sure I'm not alone. Some days I wake up and think, "I can't adult today." These three products for DIGS + DOG + DUDS reflect that sentiment, some more obviously than others.

 1. DIGS: This Nicaraguan-crafted hammock chair would be great to hang in the backyard or even in a living room. Throw in a book and a glass of wine, and you've got yourself a solid evening.

2. DOG: Found My Animal can do no wrong. This Indigo Fade Linen Pouch is designed to attach to your leash for toting around those oh-so-lovely poop bags while you're out and about forgetting about dirty dishes and deadlines.

3. DUDS: Enough said. 

Found My Animal Indigo Pouch