Spring Showers

We walked home from work yesterday in the rain. It felt refreshing, especially since it was warm enough for my light rain jacket. As we made our way up the hill towards the house, I looked back and saw that this amazing fog had descended on the islands in Howey Bay. 

We came home soaked and happy after watching the fog move across the lake from the float plane docks. I actually really love this moody weather in small doses. It was an excellent backdrop for the Iceland-inspired art exhibit I went to see later that night. A local artist did a residency there and created these incredible print pieces based on photos she took of Iceland's landscape, fishing docks, houses and patterns on the traditional Lopapeysa wool sweaters. A playlist including Jose Gonzalez and Of Mice and Men played in the background. The perfect pairing, in my opinion. 

Now, here are a few things that have got me excited lately:

1) Block Shop Textiles launched their new collection today which includes brilliant new patterns in their traditional scarf size, but also in a new square shape. Before stepping out of bed this morning, I ordered the Alma Indigo from my phone--that's how excited I was. Amazing as always, Stockman Sisters.

2) The Tallest Man on Earth has a new album coming out on May 12 called "Dark Bird is Home."

3) I'm considering giving these DIY Copper Shelves a go. Our list of house projects keeps getting longer and longer...

4) These are by far the coolest temporary tattoos I've ever seen. I especially love the Vintage Dutch Delfts Blauw Floral ones

5) This Roasted Cauliflower and Ricotta Grandma Pie from Bon Appetit is on the menu for this weekend. 

Happy Friday!