DIGS + DOG + DUDS: Cactus

Outside there is a wind storm of epic proportions blowing dirt and sand everywhere. The lights are flickering and the Internet is iffy. Sometimes I feel like this place does it on purpose—some forest god is looking down on me thinking, “Oh, you’re getting comfortable here after those -40 degree temps I sent your way? Let’s see how you handle this dirt in your face, City Girl.”

Daisy is sprawled out next to me, twitching occasionally in her sleep as she chases a squirrel in her dreams.

Speaking of squirrels, they are finally out—the birds, too. Our little town seems so much more alive in the last week with people out running errands in a more leisurely way. No more bundled up figures running from the car to the store—with today being an exception, of course.

The ice is still a couple of feet thick on the lakes and safe to walk on. We have a contest going at the paper for people to guess the day when Howey Bay, which we can see from our office, will be completely clear of ice. So far the dates range from May 5 to May 16. It’s weird to walk outside in 60-degree weather and see ice for miles.

We’re headed to the city this weekend for a much-needed dose of normalcy: see a movie, eat sushi, go to Costco, stock up on seeds and plants, check out my favorite antique store for house goodies, and drink some good beer in our favorite pub.

Since my cart at Home Depot will likely be stocked high with all sorts of cactus and succulent goodness this weekend, for this installment of DIGS + DOG + DUDS I thought I’d share a theme that is a constant obsession of mine.  I just can’t help myself. 

1. DIGS Amelie Mancini is a French artist living in Brooklyn. She carves wooden spoons, paints, and hand prints beautiful textiles that she turns into totes, pouches, tea towels, and pillows like this linen cactus one. Her recent Joshua Tree-inspired print is spot on, too. 

2. DOG Waggo has the coolest dog toys. This cactus chew toy is made of durable rubber and even floats in water. Perfect for a spring romp at the lake. 

3. DUDS H&M's chambray shirt elevates a closet staple with the addition of the cactus print.