Wake Up Slow

I love mornings where I wake up naturally thanks to the light peaking through the curtains. I have time to sit in bed and leisurely read The New York Times (just kidding...I scroll through Pinterest) and prepare myself for the day ahead. It's a pretty damn good way to spend a half hour.

Now, here are a few things I love that I thought I'd share this morning:

1)  Cabin Porn. Enough said. 

2) "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones has been a daily play in my little office lately.

3) I just ordered these black triangle wall decals to spruce up the walls in our entryway.

4) I love easy cocktails. The Paloma contains grapefruit juice, tequila, club soda, a squeeze of lime and a dash of salt. The perfect cocktail for sitting on the deck watching the sunset.

5) I have a boot problem. These leather/tapestry boots are gorgeous, but I can't stomach the price tag. Come on, Nasty Gal.

Happy Hump Day!