Freakin' Weekend

sandy point beach
sandy point sandbar

On Saturday afternoon we picked up a pizza, grabbed a six pack of beer, and went to our favorite beach, Sandy Point. There is still ice in the middle of the lake, but the beaches on either side of the long sand bar have a good amount of open water in front of them. We skipped rocks and played fetch with the dogs. In the distance, islanders were doing their in-between-season commute. We watched as they canoed from the shore to the beginning of the ice, then dragged their vessel across the ice before hopping back in the canoe again, all just to get to their house. Think about that next time you find yourself annoyed about having to run to the grocery store.

sandy point red lake

Afterwards we went to another Music in the Alcove concert. The artist Dan Walsh has played with the likes of Willie Nelson and Little Feat. He recently reinvented himself as a solo looping artist. He started each song by recording the loop with a bass ukelele, maraca, and tambourin before singing and playing his guitar. His beard was such a big part of his gig that it even had it's own song.

dan walsh musician
giant pike

Sunday was all about landscaping. We measured and mapped out the yard, designed garden beds and paths, and started clearing rocks and weeds. Our house is only two years old and no landscaping was done, so we are working with a blank (read: sandy, rocky, unruly) canvas.

While we were out working, one of our neighbours came over to introduce himself. His name is Franklin and he is a 65-year-old country singer who just got the first copy of his latest album in the mail that week.

"You won't believe this, but they turned the first two songs on my album into EDM! Can you believe it? My wife and I had to get on the Internet to find out what that meant," he said before playing the remixed country songs on his phone for us. He is on the same record label as Avicii and getting ready for a tour where he will play his songs at raves in Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany.

"Wait for it, the beat is about to drop," he laughed during one songhis index finger pointing in the air and his hips shaking.

The characters in this town, I tell you.