Ice fishing and inspiration

The first time I drove on the ice road by myself, I did so with the front windows down just in case the ice happened to crack and send me, Ford F150 and all, down into the icy water below. No matter how many times people tell me that the ice is this-many feet thick and stable as a rock, I never seem to be able to shake the fretful feeling that I will be the unfortunate fool to go through.

On Saturday as we drove across the ice road towards McKenzie Island where the annual ice fishing derby was held, I began to get that freaked out feeling as I looked at the 20 or so trucks parked on the ice right off the island. How the hell is frozen water supporting all of this.

Roughly 250 holes had been cut in the ice, and already people were crowded around them with their short, bendy rods and camping chairs. While the guys focused on getting registered and scoping out a prime spot, I concentrated on not stepping in a hole.

The ice was covered in a foot of slush thanks to the "warmer" temperatures we've been having lately, and I quickly realized how unprepared we were. No chairs, no wind blocker, no tent, and incidentally, no bait.

We sat out on the ice for three hours and not a fish to show for it--just two measly nibbles. But the sky was blue, our Jambox was blasting old school tunes, and we all soaked up some much needed Vitamin D under a bluebird sky. It was not my favorite activity by a long shot, but definitely something I'm glad I can say I tried...or sat and watched people try. Ice fishing isn't the most interactive sport.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends and dogs, drinking beer, laughing, and having mini-dance parties in living rooms. I'm happy we've found people who are okay with being weird and ridiculous right alongside us.

Now, here's your daily dose of interesting.

1) I've really been digging the #honestcaption trend on Instagram and posts that allow readers to peek behind the carefully curated curtain put up by bloggers. It's easy to look at someone's social media presence and assume they live a carefree life. Kate Arends of Wit & Delight is one blogger who, in her success, felt the need to open up to readers about her fears and flaws. I thoroughly enjoyed her recent talk on the subject of "Ugly." 

2) With our Scottsdale trip just four short days away, I've been daydreaming about Mexican food. When I get back I'm planning on making a huge batch of tamales to freeze and eat throughout the spring and summer. Sunset Magazine always has good recipes.

3) Do you follow the blog Manger by cookbook author Mimi Thorrison? Well, you should. It chronicles her life in a beautiful farmhouse in Medoc, France. Adorable children, a pack of fox hounds, vineyards, gorgeous French countryside, mouthwatering recipes--it has it all.

4) For the cactus obsessed. You're welcome.

5) Best of Gramatik. An excellent work playlist for those easily distracted by too many lyrics.

Happy Monday!