On Cacti and Break-ins

On Saturday morning we returned from a relaxing vacation in Arizona only to find that someone had broken into our house and taken...[removed pending completion of investigation].

On a happier note, our week in Arizona was a blast. Lots of tacos, pool time and fruity drinks. A spa day and yoga classes helped me hit the reset button, too. Charlie got his golf fix, and I roamed around oohing and ahhing over the array of cacti that were just beginning to flower. I soaked up more sun in a week than I have in the past 4 months.

We even squeezed in a day trip to Sedona, which I would highly recommend to anyone heading to Arizona. The red rock structures were beautiful. Plus, how many places can you visit where there are multiple location to have your aura photographed? Seriously...

The temperature was -4F when we landed in Red Lake, but a large portion of the snow has melted. It may officially be spring, but it is still very much winter in northwestern Ontario. Though I may be back in sweaters and Sorels, at least I have these images to remind me of a week well spent. Happy Monday!

Scottsdale Mountains
cactus flower
Pinnacle Peak Wildflowers
agave plant
smiley beachball
blooming cactus
Pinnacle Peak Landscape
cactus close up
cactus pink wall
Pinnacle Peak Trail View
red cactus
Pinnacle Peak Trail
pink cactus flowers
Sedona Scenic View
Jarritos Mexican Soda
Sedona, AZ