DIGS + DOG + DUDS: Escape

Last night I went ice skating for the first time this winter. Charlie and I bumbled around in our hockey skates at the outdoor rink while Daisy followed us around, unsure of the new surface beneath her paws.

The snow is beginning to melt, and the sun has been sticking around until well past 7 in the evenings. I'm trying not to get too set on the notion that spring is just around the corner because I've been warned that the ice on the lakes sticks around until May and even June some years.

But I'm hopeful. Soon enough we will be back to beach romps and sunsets, bonfires, and barbecues. With weekend adventures in mind, here are a few spring-inspired products to consider adding to your collection. 

ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag
Wooden 6-Pack Carrier
Billy Wolf NYC Haywood Bandana

1. I stumbled across the ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag by Forest Bound recently and decided it was the perfect weekend bag. It's sturdy, stylish and just the right size for a short getaway. 

2. Charlie has gotten pretty serious about his home brewing lately. This Wooden Beer Caddy would be perfect for totting his beers to friends' houses or down to the beach. The bottle opener on the side is a nice touch, too.

3. Daisy loves to rock a bandana. When she sees me packing up for a weekend away or a long hike, she follows me around the house with a concerned look. "Are you taking me with you or what?" Once I put on the bandana, she knows she's in the clear. The Billy Wolf NYC Haywood Bandana definitely screams spring.