Billy Wolf NYC

I love everything about fall. The leaves. The warm beverages. The cozy sweaters. The fires. The mornings have been mostly overcast here in Red Lake, and the house is a little bit chilly since I can't bring myself to turn on the heat just yet. My morning cup of coffee is crucial. 

These types of mornings make me want to stay in bed, plotting out DIY projects for the house. But what I really live for is the crisp, sunny fall afternoon; the kind of day that begs you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. That is exactly the type of day that the look book from the fall collection of Billy Wolf NYC reminds me of.

Billy Wolf NYC is an American-made dog company specializing in classic coats and bandanas. Coming from someone who has spent a lot of time searching for dog products that are not cheesy, boring or bedazzled, I can confidently say that Billy Wolf NYC is the frontrunner for classy, stylish dog wares. 

These photos would look amazing in a matted frame and hung on the wall; that's how much I love them. They are definitely effective because after browsing through the look book I immediately purchased the green and red "Izzy" bandana--though I had it shipped to the US for my dad to bring up when he visits in a couple of weeks. I cannot take the taxes and shipping prices in Canada. 

It's funny how in the short time we've been in Red Lake, people have already caught on to the fact that Daisy goes pretty much everywhere with me. Work, parties, walks to the store. If I think I can get away with bringing her, I do. We now have a few residents who come to buy their weekly paper from the office specifically so they can give her treats. If I'm alone, I always get asked, "Where's Daisy?" Someone told me when I first moved here that in a small town like this, people will always know at least one thing about you without ever having met you. I think I know what mine is. 

So, bravo Billy Wolf NYC. It's exactly the type of adventure-promoting, lifestyle brand I hope to carry as I work towards opening up my online shop on Seek + Scout. There is still a lot to do and much money to be saved before that day will come, but I'm headed in the right direction.