Back at it

This past weekend we left Red Lake for the first time since we drove here at the beginning of July. When we approached the intersection where I turn right every morning to head to work, I got a weird feeling as I flipped on the blinker to turn left and head out of town. Charlie described it perfectly, saying it was like we were in The Truman Show and any moment now we would hit a perfectly painted wall of trees and a one-lane highway continuing into the distance.

It's strange driving the same three roads every day. It's comforting, but also confining. Driving the five hours to Winnipeg reminded me just how isolated we are here. Just hundreds of miles of dense bush before you even see another town. At one point during the height of the Gold Rush in the 1930's, Red Lake was the busiest airport in the world. That's crazy to think about.

But back to Winnipeg. Seeing the tall buildings and urban sprawl of Winnipeg was like a breath of fresh air. There is a world outside of Red Lake still.


Annnnnd flash forward five weeks. My poor, poor blog has been carelessly neglected because life has been full-on crazy, so this half-written post sat as a draft for far too long. Unfinished. Inconclusive. Loose ends flying every which way. 

Those descriptions are fitting because that's how I've felt for the past month. We took our trip to Winnipeg to buy furniture the week before moving out of the apartment and into our house. Many trips back and forth later, we found ourselves in an empty house with two chairs and a blow up mattress.

Since then, our couches have been delivered and Charlie macgyvered a lovely coffee table (all things considered) out of a a bunch of cardboard boxes. Our backs are finally recovered from weeks of air-mattress slumber and things are starting to come together.

Two weekends ago we drove 8 hours south-east to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park where we hiked 15 miles to the top of the Sleeping Giant with stunning views of Lake Superior. Hopefully you've been following along on Instagram and have seen most of those photos.

Now to come full circle, this weekend we are prepping for yet another trek to Winnipeg to get some necessities like side tables, coffee tables and a book shelf. The leaves are beginning to change and the weather feels a lot more like fall after a ridiculously cold streak that had me bundled up with my winter coat and mittens. Things are starting to feel normal again. 

So, after my hiatus, it's back to your regularly scheduled programming. For this instalment of DIGS + DOG + DUDS, here are three fun items with the biggest commonality being that I want them all in my possession right now. Enjoy!

Kasbah Wool Rug
Circus by Edelman Hallie Booties

Kasbah Wool Rug I was pretty devastated when I discovered that West Elm does not ship many of their home products to Canada, so I guess I will just have to share this gem with you all and spread the rug love. 

Circus by Edelman Hallie Booties These booties are the perfect transition pair from summer to fall. I just can't get enough of cut-out boots, however, I've been told by my wears-the-same-five-shirts-and-same-shoes-everyday-boyfriend that these are ridiculous. What does he know.

Surround Me With Love Dog Bed Follow & Fetch is an adorable handmade line of dog products out of the UK that I recently discovered. I'm in love with the tie-die pattern on this bed, and I know that Daisy would sleep drool all over those pillowy sides in pleasure.