Pinspiration: Weekend Adventures

My favorite part of the weekend is getting out to explore with Daisy. Now that our apartment is mostly unpacked, we are starting to ask around for suggestions on trails and fishing spots. People were happy to tell us about the popular fishing holes, but very tight-lipped about their secret spots. Apparently this is something you have to "earn" as you transition to a Red Lake local. 

Today we are going to buy all of our gear and try to catch some dinner. Yikes. I love to fish, but I'm still coming around to the whole touching them thing. And gutting them? I will leave that to Charlie. I've got breadcrumbs, parsley and lemon ready for some fresh caught fish and summer veggies waiting to be roasted. We better not come home empty handed. 

While we're off dodging mosquitoes and hoping for a bite, here are some of my favorite photo finds on Pinterest to browse through. Make the most out of the weekend! #ExploreMore