DIGS + DOG + DUDS: Canoeing

Canoeing is the thing to do around Red Lake in the warmer months. There are tons of lakes and rivers around town to enjoy by boat, but Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, located just outside of Red Lake, is where the true outdoors people go. With more than 1,200 miles of navigable canoe routes and huge herds of woodland caribou roaming about, the park feels wild and untouched. Black Spruces and Jackpines cover acres of this pristine wilderness where I'm told you can go days and days on a long canoe trip without seeing a soul.

A new friend of ours owns and operates a guide and gear shop that specializes in trips to Woodland Caribou. With a little help from him, we hope to plan a 3-4 day canoe trip before the winter that everyone keeps warning us about hits. In the meantime, here are a few woodsy treasures that I love.

Norquay Co Canoe Paddle
Petco Mallard Duck Toy
Hunter Original Rain Boots


If Wes Anderson was into crafting artisan canoe paddles, then I imagine they would look a whole lot like the collection from Norquay Co. Though I wouldn't dip this handcrafted piece in any bodies of water, I think it would look fantastic mounted on the wall in your living room or den as a reminder of your aquatic adventures.

2. DOG

What dog doesn't love a good squeaky toy? Daisy goes crazy for them. She's especially fond of bringing them up on the bed in the morning when she hears the alarm go off and honking them in our faces. This Mallard from Petco is perfectly adorable.


Confession: these Hunter Rain Boots are coming in the mail for me very, very soon. It has been an extremely rainy summer so far, and if I get one more "booter" I'm going to lose it. (FYI, a "booter" is a term used around these parts for a shoe full of mud/water/sludge, most commonly gotten while hunting for swamp donkeys AKA moose. I can't believe I know these things.)

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