We Made It // DIGS + DOG + DUDS: All Things Clean

On Saturday afternoon we completed our 40+ hours of driving and settled in to our new (and temporary) apartment in Red Lake, Ontario. And what a drive it was! We left Lake Tahoe and drove through Nevada > Utah > Colorado > Wyoming > South Dakota > North Dakota > Manitoba > Ontario.

J.K. Rowling's new mystery, The Silkworm, was the soundtrack to our journey as we drove by deserts, salt flats, rivers, lakes, plains, forests, rolling hills and mountains. By far, my favorite part of the journey was our stop in Arches National Park.

Arches National Park View

It was stiflingly hot in Arches, around 100 degrees according to the car thermometer. We drove through the park with AC blasting, pulling over every so often to scramble over rocks and take in the vast landscape and giant rock structures formed by the bulging layers of salt deep beneath the surface and just the right amount of rain. If you're a nature geek like me, you might be interested to know that the rocks are red due to a small percentage of iron oxide. Our drive to Canada could have been totally awful and I would have called it a raving success just because of this one pit stop. You must go.

Arches National Park Moab
Delicate Arch

We took another detour through the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, which I have to admit was a bit of a disappointment. There were SO. MANY. PEOPLE. and the entire state kind of smelled like manure, which was fine when we were driving through the beautiful countryside, but less OK when we were dodging tourists to get a quick peek at Mount Rushmore. (Sorry to any SD peeps out there!) Nevertheless, it was still an amazing sight to see. 

Mount Rushmore

And now we are in Red Lake. It was a beautiful drive from Manitoba to Ontario. It seems like there are more lakes and rivers than land in this area. Along the way we ate delicious pulled pork sandwiches heaping with tangy coleslaw from a remote BBQ joint that was featured on the Food Network. Their sweet and salty Blueberry BBQ sauce was perfection. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these Canadian blueberries...I already have a Blueberry Lemon Galette recipe in mind. 

Unfortunately, it has been raining since we got here so we haven't had a chance to do much exploring, though we already saw our first moose! Soon enough we will get the lay of the land and then I will share more about our new home town.

Northern Ontario Moose

With all of the unpacking, cleaning and organizing I've been doing around here, it felt right to share some products that I love for keeping things smelling good!

1. DIGS Thymes Frasier Fir Candle to keep your home smelling fresh like the forest. 2. DOG Dogtails Shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and leaves yours pup with a soft, glossy coat. 3. DUDS Swedish Dream Soap softens your skin thanks to mineral-rich sea salt.

Frasier Fir Candle