Birthday in the Bay

Last weekend we drove to San Francisco to celebrate my 24th birthday with all of our friends in the Bay. We went to the beach, had a BBQ next to the Golden Gate Bridge, drank beer while listening to live music at Lagunitas Brewery, and planned our next adventure to a river-side cabin in Oregon.

It was strange for us to spend time in a city with all of the people, cars and apartments lining every street. Living in quiet Tahoe and waiting for our next move has put us in this strange limbo, one we have become quite familiar with over the past year. My friends are all progressing in their careers, some even with new jobs that are better than the last. I couldn't help but look at my own situation and wonder if what I'm doing even makes sense. I'm so proud of Charlie for getting his new job, but it's also a reminder that I still have a long road ahead of me if I am ever to reach the level of success I know I am capable of. 

This 'birthday reflection' I experienced in San Francisco stuck with me for the next few days. The path for a writer has never been clear cut, especially in the digital age when most publications expect you to write for free (I can't tell you how often this happens to me). Around Day 3 of Self Pity, I snapped out of it. What I lack in steady income and promotions, I make up for in experiences--a very valuable commodity for a writer.

Since my 23rd birthday, we have moved out of Santa Clara; relocated to Tahoe; lived in Greece; returned to Tahoe; travelled to Kansas City, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree; and road tripped up and down the California coast several times. We've driven through giant redwoods and by alpine lakes, walked in the desert and in the snow. We've camped, skied, hiked, swum and boated. Now, in two short months, we will be living in the Canadian boonies with a snow mobile and fishing rods, surrounded by hundred of lakes and within driving distance of polar bears. I have many goals to reach before I will be where I want to be in my writing career, but I'd say I've got a pretty good foundation to work off of.

After this revelation, I'll let the pictures from last weekend speak for themselves. Happy Monday, friends!  

Fort Funston Dog Beach
Crissy Field San Francisco
Crissy Field BBQ
San Francisco Dog
Marina Beach San Francisco
Crissy Field SF
Sunset San Francisco
Lagunitas Brewery Live Music
Lagunitas Brewery Dog
Lagunitas Brewery Kegs
Inn at the Presidio
Inn at the Presidio
Lily of the Valley
San Francisco Cityscape
San Francisco City Hikes
Inn at the Presidio