Of Mountains, Beaches and Cliffs

My, my how time gets away from me. With life being as unstructured and unpredictable as it has been lately, I find myself hurrying to the next adventure before I've had time to write about my previous one. But hey, no complaints here! 

I returned today from a 5-day press trip in Monterey, CA and I am pooped. Now I sit snuggled in Charlie's baggy shirt, wrapped up in our cozy comforter, with a snoring pup at my side--I am completely content. The trip was amazing, but before I tell you about friendly humpback whales and beach-front bonfire wine tasting, let me share a bit about my previous trip back to California for some anniversary festivities.

Monterey Marina
Highway 1

We broke up our long (and now very familiar) drive from Tahoe with a stop in Monterey for an oceanside lunch with a friend before continuing on to Big Sur. With bellies full of fish and chips, we navigated the curves of Highway 1, taking in the rugged cliffs, expansive beaches, turquoise water and fields filled with arguably the happiest cows in the world. We made our way over beautiful bridges and stopped to watch McWay Falls splatter onto the beach.

Big Sur Vistas
McWay Falls Big Sur

We reached Treebones Resort in the late afternoon. Before I explain how cool Treebones is, let me elaborate on my obsession with "glamping" (glamorous-camping for all you newbs out there). Glamping is the best of both worlds in my opinion--the perfect amount of rustic and nature with the comforts of good food and comfortable bedding. It's a burgeoning industry, with lodgings ranging from teepees and tree houses to safari tents and vintage airstreams. I'm in love with them all.  Treebones has round circular tent structures known as "yurts" with views like you wouldn't believe.

Treebones Resort
Treebones Resort Yurt

We sipped Sauvignon Blanc outside our yurt and took in the enormity of the ocean views before exploring their on-site vegetable and flower garden. The perfect way to build up an appetite while we waited with great anticipation for our outdoor sushi bar experience, which would prove to be one of the coolest dining experiences I've had, to date.  

Treebones Resort Wine Tasting
Flower Close Up
Flower Close Up 2

The property also boasts a Human Nest that you can reserve as a camping spot. I would love an afternoon of reading and lounging in the nest, but a cold Big Sur night is another thing altogether. We preferred the luxury of waking up in a toasty yurt. In the morning, after a breakfast of homemade granola, yogurt, waffles and jam (plus a little bit of work), we popped back in the car and made our way through Santa Cruz and on to the tiny town of Davenport. 

Treebones Resort Human Nest
Treebones Resort Lodge

I love the small coastal towns along Highway 1. They have such quirky character and make the perfect spots to stop for lunch. The Whale City Cafe in Davenport has always been one of my favorites. (It was the spot where Charlie and I hitchhiked to after our 3-day backpacking trip landed us in a spot with no service and a no-show pickup.) The weather took a turn, so we played cards by the window while a torrential downpour came down outside. When it finally let up, we made our way to the second "glamping" spot of the trip, Costanoa Lodge.

Whale City Cafe Davenport
Costanoa Resort Pescadero

I love exploring the grounds of Costanoa, which is located in Pescadero, but the weather cut my walk short. The rain poured down on us while we snuggled up underneath the heated blanket in our tent bungalow; the raindrops on the canvas tent were the perfect soundtrack to good reads. 

Costanoa Tent Bungalow
Eucalyptus Trees

We have celebrated all three of our anniversaries at Costanoa. It felt so good to get back to exploring our old stomping grounds--Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Davenport, Pescadero, Half Moon Bay--the places we would take off to after a long week of school or work in the Bay. They were our escapes from the "Santa Clara bubble," as we often called it. With a new move (!!!) on the horizon (check back soon for details on that), it was the perfect goodbye to the places where I found my passion for exploring. I can't wait to see what this next adventure will hold.   

Moss Beach Distillery Oysters
Moss Beach Distillery View