Snowy Romps + Grey Paw Design

I love the feeling of waking up and looking out the window to see the world blanketed in snow. Snow has a way of quieting things. It makes the Great Outdoors feel so much more intimate. This past week we have finally been getting our fair share of snow in Tahoe. It's been a long time coming, and we've been taking full advantage of it. 


Every morning after I drink my cup of coffee, I pull on my boots, bundle up and head down to the beach with Daisy. As soon as we arrive, she begins her runs of joy. Sprinting, juking, bounding and occasionally stopping to stick her head in the snow. It's her happy place.


And mine too. I love descending the stairs to the beach, with snow caught in my eyelashes, and looking out to where the water and mountains should be and instead seeing a fog of snow. When the other side of the lake isn't visible, I feel like I've been transported to the ocean. 


With the colder weather came a very awesome addition to Daisy's collection of goods. Though many a dog owner begins their fur-parenting days with every intention of not dressing up their dog, as many of you know, that vow soon falls by the wayside. Luckily, Daisy's new coat by Grey Paw Design is so not-cheesy and stylish that I honestly wish I had one like it...


Grey Paw Design was founded in Portland (of course) in 2011 by owner, designer and maker Erin and named after her rescued dachshund, Link, and his one grey paw. Erin creates amazing hand dyed rope leashes, stylish collars, and Pendleton camp beds, bow ties and jackets. I fell in love with pretty much everything on her Etsy shop, and the fact that Grey Paw also donates a portion of its web sales to a rotating list of local and national pet relief organizations made it that much harder to not go a little overboard.   


But when it came down to decision time, the navajo print jacket was the obvious choice. The jacket is made from 100% Pendleton wool fabric which not only keeps your pup warm, but is also extremely durable--a necessary feature for adventurous dogs. Check out Grey Paw's website here and most definitely follow Erin on Instagram for shop updates and adorable dachshund photos.