Bedroom Brainstorming

Last weekend I finally began the task of ridding our house of its purple walls. The previous owners clearly had an intense love for the colour because the entryway, downstairs den, upstairs bedrooms and bathroom are painted a horrid dark purple, while the downstairs bedrooms and bathroom are an icky lavender. I decided to start by painting the master bedroom a deep blue. I went into the project as I do all painting projects: optimistic, with all previous paint-jobs-gone-wrong-and-too-long repressed in my subconscious. What I thought would take one evening whilst enjoying a nice Cab Sav in fact turned into a three-day ordeal complete with splattered ceilings and baseboards. But I eventually finished, and it turned out lovely (after some serious touch ups).

We still need a bed frame and a few more things for the walls, but soon I will share the end result. For the time being, I've been searching for inspiration on how to make things cozy, but not cluttered. Here are a few of my favourites:

Barrington Blue has the most amazing selection of vintage textiles and furniture. If you love kilim, you will adore all of Carrie Olshan's handmade products. Photo from Style Me Pretty

Barrington Blue Pillow

I'm a big fan of white bedding with a good mixture of patterned pillows thrown in for colour. This bedroom looks so soothing. Photo from The Marion House Book.


I would normally turn my nose up at dark walls, but I've recently come around to the idea for bedrooms. I think it makes the space feel cozy if you select the right hue, and when paired with light-coloured bedding, it balances out. The fixtures on this bedside table are great, too. Photo from Rug Mag

Dark Walls

A print so nice, I posted it twice. I would never be able to come up with a colour-combo like this, but it works! Photo from Style by Emily Henderson.

Epic location + incredible headboard + strawberries and champagne in bed = perfect bedroom. Source unknown.

The layering of photos, wall tapestry, and rug are spot on in this bedroom scene. I've had a lot of luck finding rugs like the one pictured on ECarpetGallery. Free shipping for the US and Canada! Photo from Amber Interiors

The headboard. Enough said. Photo from Design* Sponge.

My design style has definitely shifted toward the eclectic end of the spectrum lately. I like how each piece in this bedroom feels one-of-a-kind. I bet there are some good stories behind how they were acquired. I appreciate that in a space. Source unknown. 

These hanging chairs always catch my attention, but I can't help but wonder how comfortable they really are. I also imagine Charlie plopping down in it and ripping out our ceiling. Buuuut I still want one. Photo from Domino Magazine.

Without stores to buy things for the house from in Red Lake, I'm having to get really creative at the hardware store. My last project for the bedroom before I show it on ze blog is to construct some honeycomb-shaped book shelves. Thank goodness for the lumber store employees who find my projects amusing. More later.