Digs + Dog + Duds: Cabin Vibes

I love cabins. Specifically cabins surrounded by huge trees and mountains, and preferably by a body of water. If you follow me on Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen the lovely wooden structures littering my boards. There is something so enchanting about them. Needless to say, my affinity for the adirondack style can be found in everything from my love of oversized flannels, boots, furry blankets, fires and all things made of wood.

I am especially excited about this "Cabin Vibes" selection of Digs + Dog + Duds because it features my favorite woodworker and Instagram account, Ariele AlaskoNot only is this Brooklyn-based artist seriously talented, but she also has two of the cutest studio helpers: her cat, Mr. C, and dog, Mazie.

Ariele is constantly creating, whether it's one of her beautiful reclaimed wood wall panels, hand-carved spoons or (my personal favorite) adorable matching teepees for her four-legged buddies. She knows her way around a toolbox and makes the cutest dog sweaters--what a powerhouse!

Hilary Grant PomPom Hat
Ariele Alasko Wall Panel
Coleman Elk Dog Toy


Pom Pom Hat / Icelandic / Charcoal and Putty from Hilary Grant Knitwear and Textiles. This awesomely soft beanie is made from high-grade lambswool and is outfitted with a handmade pom pom on top. 


25"x25" wall panel by Ariele Alasko. Custom orders are available. I also recommend checking out her amazing headboards and tables featuring the same geometric style. 

3. DOG

This Coleman Trophy Elk Toy is available on wag.com and has...wait for it...5 squeakers in it. Not recommended for the easily-irritated pet owner.