A Tribute to Tahoe and TempurPedic Beds

Daisy is a big snuggler in bed with us up until we turn off the lights and she hops down to her bed. She hates to be jostled or touched while she sleeps (seriously, so inconsiderate of us right?). She will, however, make an exception if we are sleeping on a TempurPedic mattress like the one at the cabin in Tahoe.  So when I got the Skookum Dog Sheepskin Bed in the mail and felt the memory foam, I knew it was going to be a hit. 

Skookum Dog Bed

The synthetic sheepskin top is extremely soft. I've even taken to moving the bed out to the living room when we have a fire roaring so that Daisy and I can lay on it together. Yes, it's that comfortable! I love dog products that don't disrupt the decor of a room, and this bed fit perfectly with the cabin. 

And now for a travel update. Due to visa issues, Charlie could not go to Turkey for work and returned to the same spot in Greece, but again because of visa issues, he can only stay for a month. With him being there for such a short time, we decided it was best for me to stay in Tahoe while he finishes out his time there. So for the time being, Tahoe is home. In a couple months? Who knows! Looks like our Gypsy lifestyle won't be ending anytime soon. 


Today we got our first big dumping of snow in Tahoe. I woke up and even without my glasses on I knew by the bright white light that there was fluffy powder coating the world outside my window. I absolutely love living in Tahoe. This place is gorgeous year round. I can walk out the backdoor and dip my toes in the icy lake while looking at snow-capped mountains in the distance. Or drive 5 minutes to a beautiful golden meadow and ride my bike on trails with Daisy running beside me.


My favorite memories are from the summer days spent out on the boat, anchored in Skunk Harbor with its turquoise blue waters, jamming to reggae and swimming with all my favorite people. Whether I'm cozy by the fire watching the snow fall or outside with the wildflowers on a hike to an alpine lake, I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by Tahoe's natural beauty.

After moving here from Silicon Valley--the land of apps, start-ups and LOTS of people--the slower pace of life was such a relief. I love that an acceptable outfit for going out on a Friday night is not high heels and a dress, but leggings, boots and a flannel.  I didn't realize how much I needed a breather until I got here. Cabin life suits me.