Carrot + Apple + Ginger Juice


Every few months or so, I decide I need to eat healthier. This usually manifests itself in a sweeping declaration to eat more of this and less of that (with varying degrees of success). Recently, I attempted to go on a 3-day juice cleanse, and it was the WORST. I love food, and not surprisingly, I turn into a huge bitch if I am not eating solids. I'd read many articles written by people who felt so refreshed and energized after completing one, but I just felt grumpy and lethargic. Needless to say, I started eating regular food by the end of Day 2.

The biggest surprise for me, however, was that I actually enjoyed the juices--vegetables and all! So I decided to start incorporating fresh-squeezed juice into my regular eating routine. One of my favorites is Carrot Apple Ginger Juice. It makes me feel like I'm doing something to combat my steadily increasing contact lens prescription. Enjoy! 

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

3 carrots, peeled

2 apples, cored

1-inch piece peeled ginger

If you have a juicer, throw all the ingredients in and voilà! But if you're like me and still waiting to invest in a juicer, it is easy enough to make juice using a food processor and a sieve or cheesecloth. Simply process all the ingredients as finely as possible, and strain the pulp through your sieve or cheesecloth. I use a wooden spoon to push it against the sieve to get as much juice out as possible.