Glamping in Big Basin

While we wait to figure out when/where Charlie's job will take us next, we have been somewhat living out of suitcases in Lake Tahoe, not wanting to unpack because any day now we could be packing everything right back up. As a result, things have gotten a little messy and disorganized, evidenced by the fact that my computer has been dead for the last week because my charger was hidden under a gigantic pile of clothes. So that is why I'm just now getting the chance to write about our awesome camping trip last weekend to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. (Though the picture below suggests otherwise, I am actually not that short...6'5" boyfriends and giant redwoods make everyone look tiny.)

Big Basin Redwood

Friday night was spent prepping for camping and jamming out to Beatles Rock Band (the very best Rock Band) at our friend Nicole's. Saturday morning we packed up the cars and began the windy drive to Big Basin, my favorite woodsy camping spot because of the huge redwood trees that canopy the entire park.

Big Basin State Park Tent Cabin

Since it was going to get down into the 30's at night, we decided to step it up a notch and rent a Tent Cabin there. I don't think I will ever be able to sleep in a normal tent again. It was amazing. The perfect amount of rustic with the comforts of bed platforms, a wood-burning stove and a cute little table. As fun as backpacking and non-car camping can be, it also is really, really nice to be able to bring as many blankets, pillows and sleeping bags as you want. With the fire blazing in the cabin, it was so cozy.

Dog in Big Basin Tent Cabin
Camping in Big Basin State Park
Wood Burning Stove Big Basin

For dinner we cooked steaks and veggies that had been marinating all day, and drank Nicole's infamous "Ramos Juice," a delicious combination of rum, wine, peaches, apples and strawberries. After going community-style on the steaks on one paper plate, we eventually realized we had cut through and eaten most of the paper plate. And probably a bit of the picnic table. I blame the dim candlelight.

Camp Dinner in Big Basin

After dinner we put on our headlamps and headed out on a night hike. It was so fun, and a little bit eerie, to walk through the redwoods in the dark. It's a whole different world at night. As luck would have it, Daisy rolled in poop TWICE this trip! Unfortunately for her, all we had to wash her off with was Old Spice and a freezing cold water pump. Lesson learned, I hope.

Cinnamon Rolls Camping
Man and Dog Camping Big Basin

The second best thing about the Tent Cabin: not having to pack up the tents the next morning. That is my least favorite thing about camping, I think. Instead we threw everything in the car and spent our morning enjoying bacon and our Pinterest-inspired cinnamon rolls cooked in orange rinds (which actually turned out to be a bit of a fail). 

Dog in Yuba River

On our drive home, Charlie, Daisy and I stopped at the Yuba River to break up the drive. Thankfully it was way too cold for Charlie to attempt any of the cliff jumps that he frequented in high school.

Lake Tahoe Beach Sunset Picnic

We made it home with just enough time to rush down to the beach with a quilt and supplies to watch the sun set over the mountains. Watching the colors reflected on the water, we drank champagne and ate cheese and crackers. The perfect end to the perfect weekend.